Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Copyright 2015 © By the Desert Design © Pixel Design Resource & PDR Printables


Thank you for downloading my graphics, and for taking the time to read the terms of usage.

Every file is clearly packaged as either Personal Use (PU), Scrap for Others (S4O)/Scrap for Hire (S4H), Commercial Use (CU) or Commercial Use for Commericial Use (CU4CU).


Personal Use (PU):

Personal use graphics are for your own personal use. You may modify the elements and papers to suit your requirements, but may not claim them as your own. Credit is not required when posting your completed projects (either digitally or by more traditional publishing methods). However, it is greatly appreciated!

Scrap for Hire and for Others (S4H/S4O):

These graphics may be used for Scrap for Hire/Others provided you do not furnish pages to your customers in a layered format. The finished product may only be made available to your customers in a flattened .jpg file or printed format and credit is required.

Commercial Use (CU):

You may use my commercial use graphics to aid you in creating scrapbook kits and craft projects, but they must be sold as personal use/S4H/S40, not Commercial Use.Credit is required.

Commercial Use for Commericial Use (CU4CU):

You may use these graphic files to create commercial use products of your own but graphics should be modified in some way, simply recoloring a CU4CU graphic is not sufficient. Credit is required.




The files contained herein are the product of Pixel Design Resource and By the Desert Design and are protected by United States and international copyright law.

You may not sell, share or redistribute any of my Personal Use products (including freebies). You may not convert them into brushes, templates, or tubes. Do not make copies of these files for any reasons other than back-up purposes. Please do not share a direct link to freebie files. If you’d like to share with friends, send them to my site to get the download link.

You may not use these files for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

I hope you enjoy these graphic files and I’d love to see what you create with them.

If you have questions or would like permission for special projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me at char@pixeldesignresource.com or http://pixeldesignresource.com.

Copyright 2015 © By the Desert Design © Pixel Design Resource & PDR Printables