Watercolor Brush Strokes

The latest…

I’ve been busy creating some watercolor painted strokes using Photoshop and using a Wacom tablet.

PDR wcstrokes DDR1


PDR wcstrokes DDR2


I love how they turned out and think they’ll be wonderful for creating shop banners, logos, invitations, journaling tags and so much more.

If you open them in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you can copy and stack the layers (Command or Control J), merge down and get less transparency with a richer color. Play with them and see how creative you can get.



I’m also excited that they will be part of my a new king of product – Digital Design Resource products (DDR)

Terms of Use for DDR products allow for small business commercial use without any credit back to me.  DDR products can be used to contribute to an overall new design without the credit acknowledgment hassle.

Download free watercolor strokes samples here. (Available for a limited time).

I’d love to know what you think of them.

Full set is here in my Etsy shop.






Grateful Table Scrapbook Linkup

Grateful Table Mini Kit

Grateful Table Mini Kit

Scrapbook Linkup Party  hosted by DigiHop Community

Update:  After posting I noticed something “off” with two of the papers and uploaded a revised Mini-Kit Freebie download here:

That’s what happens when you get in a hurry and don’t QC everything properly!  I am leaving the download link below in order not to break the connection to the DigiHop linkup party.

You’ll also get two more coordinating scrapbook papers not show in the preview! Please take a moment to like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PixelDesignResource. Sure makes me feel good and is a great way to say thanks!

Mini kit Download Freebie (please use the revised link ABOVE to get my contribution to the linkup party)


If you like the floral wreath used to make the mini kit tag element, you’ll find it and many others in my Etsy shop here.  They are high resolution pngs and the colors can easily be altered using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. You can even use a free online software program like PicMonkey to change the colors. A hue and saturation adjustment layer does the trick. Just play with the sliders until you get some colors you really like.



floral wedding clipart





Digital Designers Fall Linkup

So excited to be part of a linkup party courtesy of the creative Digital Designers Etsy Team!

My contribution to the link party is free bunting in fall colors.

Hurry cause this freebie is only available for a short time!




Get a free 2015 Printable Calendar  from the Digital Designers Etsy Team too!

My contribution:

PDRP Calendar-preview1


Now’s a wonderful time to visit my shop PDR Printables.  The Fall Sales Event is happening!!

You’ll find 50% savings on instant download digital design items to help you create beautiful invitations, scrapbook layouts, labels, stamps, cards, and more.



floral wedding clipart

Wedding Clipart




wedding clipart





Scrapbook Paper

Shabby Scrapbook Paper

Test Link

Scrapbook Paper 2



Personalized Printables





A Trip to Marana & a Facebook Goodie

Blog Post Alert :-)

After a little over 4 years of restoration work my sweetie got his 1946 Ercoupe flying. It has been a journey full of his blood, sweat and a lot of swearing!  He’s restored other aircraft before but this one was a true “basket case” needing a complete makeover!

Before –

(two Ercoupe’s that previously resided in a barn for many years. Dubbed them “the twins”.)

After –


After several hours of local flying, it was time to take the baby on it’s maiden flight. Friends suggested Marana, AZ as a great place to get breakfast and a short hop from our home airport. We had a great time! The food was very good, coffee outstanding and everyone we met very friendly. We definitely recommend Marana as an airport we’ll return to again.


I’ve neglected my Facebook page severely. It could really use some love :-)

Like Pixel Design Resource’s Fan Page to download this pretty stained glass scrapbook paper. 

Note: you will actually need to go to my Face book page (use the link above to navigate to the page). Clicking the Facebook icon on on my website won’t get to the download.

Get it before it expires!

12 x 12 inches, 300 dpi,  jpg


digital scrapbook paper

digital scrapbook paper


  These freebies will expire as I add new ones so come by and grab yours while you can.


Beautiful Royalty Free Commercial Use Fonts Rock!

Of late I’ve really been focusing on one of my first loves – typography and pretty fonts. I’ve had my eye on several different books on the subject. Santa was kind enough to bring:


“Scripts” Elegant Lettering From Design’s Golden Age” by Steve Heller and Louise Fili


“Elegantissima” – The Design & Typography of Louise Fili

Both books are a visual fest for a type nerd. Especially if you love vintage typography as I do.

Speaking of beautiful typography, I’m always on the prowl for royalty free commercial use fonts. Yes you can download many free fonts but most are not for free for commercial use. Many people aren’t aware that fonts are copyrighted and commercial use fonts can be expensive.

Mighty Deals is one resource I’ve found for buying attractive commercial use fonts without breaking the bank. They also offer other design products for professionals:  graphics and textures, icons, scripts and plugins, software and themes to mention a few.


Check out Mighty Deals for great designer resources at a great price!

Check out Mighty Deals for great designer resources at a great price!


I liked the fonts I purchased from Mighty Deals well enough to become one of their affiliates. If you click on the above image, it’ll take you to their site. I’ll get a referral fee if you  purchase something.  I consider Mighty Deals too good a resource not to share!


image of mighty deals font offerings
Font deals as of this blog post


I’d love to hear what you think of Mighty Deals…


For Christmas I made some do-it-yourself fold over cards for someone on my gift list.  I’m sharing one of the Thank You cards as a little thank you for my subscribers and visitors. It’s 5.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall. When folded it 5.5 inches x 4.25 inches.

I recommend using 110# cardstock if you’re printing at home. Most home printers can’t handle anything much heavier. Use the trim marks as a guide for cutting and then fold it in half. The inside will be blank for adding your own personal message.



Download fold over card  here


As always, I love to hear your comments.  See you in the New Year with more posts and freebies!


For more do-it-yourself printables check out my Etsy shop.

Here’s a recent addition in the shop, a fun 8 x 10 inch instant download digital file you can print at home

or take to a print shop for even better results.





Soft Pastel Patterned Papers

image of scrapbook papers


I was in the mood to make some scrap book papers today.

These papers would be a great choice for baby layouts or other projects needing a “soft” pastel touch!

I created two versions:  untextured (add your own favorite texture) or textured.


300 dpi high resolution jpg and 12 x 12 inch size paper (6 papers)


To download the untextured files:

Download Link


If you’re interested in the textured version, please take a moment and like Pixel Design Resource on Facebook. 

(Sorry, download for textured papers has expired.)

Don’t be sad, it’s been replaced by another awesome freebie!

Like Pixel Design Resource ”  on Face book and get it while it lasts!



Etsy Shop Banner Freebies and Picmonkey.com Tutorial


image of Etsy banner background

Wanna have a nice banner for your Etsy shop and not spend a penny?

Download my free shop banner backgrounds.
Ready for text and sized to upload:  76 x 100 pixels – 72 dpi)


Open the downloaded banner background in Photoshop and create a new layer for text

  • Select the type tool
  • Select a font style and size.
  • Click on the canvas area where the banner image is located &
  • Type your shop name. Use the move tool to position your text. Add layer styles and color as desired.

Now save the file as a Photoshop .psd file for future edits

Also save the file by selecting “Save for web” from the top menu (jpg or png format)

Use this “Save for the Web” file to upload to your Etsy shop.

Super simple!


if you don’t have Photoshop head over to Picmonkey.com for a free online photo editor.  Lots of fun and very easy to use.

Here’s a brief tutorial…

Go to picmonkey.com

click “edit a Photo”

select “Open” from Menu

Navigate to the banner image on your computer and click on the banner file name to upload (or drag and drop the file).



click to enlarge image

  • Using the Pickmonkey tools located on the left  side Select the text tool
  • click “Add Text” button
  • A floating palette appears so you can format the  “style” of your text (font size, center, bold, etc.)
  • Click and drag the palette to reposition as desired



click to enlarge image

Also a white text box with circular handles appears.

To reposition the box, hover over the center and you’ll see a 4-headed arrow

Click on the the words “Type your text here” to get a flashing cursor and type some text.

To lengthen the text box

hover over one of the corner handles until you see a two-headed arrow appear

click and drag the handle to the right or left (drag from the middle of the box)

To make the text box taller and wider at the same time

click at the bottom of the box and drag

Notice your type size increase as the box gets bigger

Rotate the text

click and drag on the top circle (circular arrows appear when you hover over)

Change the style of your type

Go to the floating style palette to change typestyle, color, size, etc.

Play around until you get something you like.



When you’ve finished editing your creation

Click “Save” to save your banner, 

give the file a name and select either jpg or png format

Select quality desired:

Roger = not great quality, tiny file size

Pierce =  Great quality, good file size

Sean = Gorgeous, but large file size

Save to your computer or Dropbox


“cancel” to make additional changes and start again.


To create a spider banner…

use the blank white banner background included in my download

Click on Picmonkey themes located on the left side

 (A gold crown icon indicates a paid premium theme or font)

Select a spooky typestyle and format as above. (I used “Exquisite Corpse” for my banner)

Drag and drop spider and web images from themes area onto the blank white banner background.

Enlarge and reposition boxes the same way you did the text.


Super Simple!!


Conclusion:  Picmonkey is a wonderful free resource for tasks like creating a basic shop banner or avatar. Now you can change your shop banner with the season, holiday or your mood!

Play around and check out all the fun themes they offer. Right now they have some great ones for Halloween.


Terms of use:  You may modify and use these banner backgrounds on your Etsy shop or other website for a shop banner/header. However,  do not share, resell or use them as freebies. Direct people to my website to download these free banner backgrounds!


Download Banner Backgrounds Here




Life Happens…So Does Illustrator

So it’s been a while since I blogged.

Life happens…

You move. Get a new job. Have a loved one pass away.

All within just a few months.

Really takes it out of you.

I’ve been active during my break from blogging and continued to design.
My new job (which I love) requires daily use of Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat (with a dash of old Quark jobs thrown in the mix).

It’s been wonderful as well as stressful learning the ins and outs of  Illustrator. A software renowned for creating art with super clean curves and lines.

Photoshop still rules if you’re editing photos or other raster images.

What’s the difference between the two?  I’m glad you asked.



A little information on raster vs vector

A raster image is made of of thousands of little dots (pixels). Great for full color images such as photographs. They do have several drawbacks. High resolution raster images result in large file sizes and don’t resize well. Imagine a square 1 inch by 1 inch created at 300 dpi (dots per inch). The computer must keep track of the zeros and ones that make up those 300 dots per inch. When you resize a raster image, the pixels get larger and the image becomes jaggie looking.

Vector programs such as Illustrator create images differently. Vector images aren’t based on pixels. A square for example would be made of four dots. One on each corner. Vector points. Each vector point contains information that tells your computer how to connect the points with straight or curved lines. Because the computer only has these four dots to keep in it’s memory (vs all those little raster dots) editing is easier and faster for the computer. However, the major plus of vectors is their ability to be scaled up or down and maintain clean lines and curves.

Let’s say a client asks you to create a 2 x 4 foot vinyl banner with their company logo displayed prominently.

They’ve provided a jpg (raster file) of their business card for the setup.



image for tutorial on vectors vs raster images



Taking a small raster image and enlarging it for use on a 2 x 4 ft banner erodes the edges. See how they get soft and fuzzy looking.

image of raster logo stretched

click to enlarge

Now take that same logo as a vector and stretch it out.

No problem!  The logo resizes without any issues.

image for tutorial on vector vs raster

vector to the rescue!


Conclusion: resizing an image is a snap if you’re using vectors for a project this.

Image for client’s banner looks great!!


Ok because you’ve been so patient ….here’s a fun download!  How about some photo corners for a fun retro look.

preview image of photo corners

photo corners in use



To download these retro photo corners – Click here







You might also enjoy seeing the latest…

image of invitation





Pretty Snazzy Prongs


image of scrapbook prongs



Prongs are a pretty simple element to create in Photoshop.

What sets good prongs apart from not so good is having quality layer styles and fine-tuning them.


To download a nice selection of free prongs that’ll really snazz up your layouts…

Click here







CU Friendly Digital Tape

image of digital scotch tape for scrapbook embellishment


To download my free commercial use digital tape click here  

If you’re wondering about the preview photo, it’s of my new hiking boots taken right after our Bryce Canyon National Park trip. They are the most comfortable hiking boots I’ve ever worn! Plus, they are pretty stylish…for hiking boots.

I created the green patterned paper using Illustrator and Photoshop. I plan to have some of these patterned papers available on this site soon.

So stay tuned.






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