Etsy Shop Banner Freebies and Tutorial


image of Etsy banner background

Wanna have a nice banner for your Etsy shop and not spend a penny?

Download my free shop banner backgrounds.
Ready for text and sized to upload:  76 x 100 pixels – 72 dpi)


Open the downloaded banner background in Photoshop and create a new layer for text

  • Select the type tool
  • Select a font style and size.
  • Click on the canvas area where the banner image is located &
  • Type your shop name. Use the move tool to position your text. Add layer styles and color as desired.

Now save the file as a Photoshop .psd file for future edits

Also save the file by selecting “Save for web” from the top menu (jpg or png format)

Use this “Save for the Web” file to upload to your Etsy shop.

Super simple!


if you don’t have Photoshop head over to for a free online photo editor.  Lots of fun and very easy to use.

Here’s a brief tutorial…

Go to

click “edit a Photo”

select “Open” from Menu

Navigate to the banner image on your computer and click on the banner file name to upload (or drag and drop the file).



click to enlarge image

  • Using the Pickmonkey tools located on the left  side Select the text tool
  • click “Add Text” button
  • A floating palette appears so you can format the  “style” of your text (font size, center, bold, etc.)
  • Click and drag the palette to reposition as desired



click to enlarge image

Also a white text box with circular handles appears.

To reposition the box, hover over the center and you’ll see a 4-headed arrow

Click on the the words “Type your text here” to get a flashing cursor and type some text.

To lengthen the text box

hover over one of the corner handles until you see a two-headed arrow appear

click and drag the handle to the right or left (drag from the middle of the box)

To make the text box taller and wider at the same time

click at the bottom of the box and drag

Notice your type size increase as the box gets bigger

Rotate the text

click and drag on the top circle (circular arrows appear when you hover over)

Change the style of your type

Go to the floating style palette to change typestyle, color, size, etc.

Play around until you get something you like.



When you’ve finished editing your creation

Click “Save” to save your banner, 

give the file a name and select either jpg or png format

Select quality desired:

Roger = not great quality, tiny file size

Pierce =  Great quality, good file size

Sean = Gorgeous, but large file size

Save to your computer or Dropbox


“cancel” to make additional changes and start again.


To create a spider banner…

use the blank white banner background included in my download

Click on Picmonkey themes located on the left side

 (A gold crown icon indicates a paid premium theme or font)

Select a spooky typestyle and format as above. (I used “Exquisite Corpse” for my banner)

Drag and drop spider and web images from themes area onto the blank white banner background.

Enlarge and reposition boxes the same way you did the text.


Super Simple!!


Conclusion:  Picmonkey is a wonderful free resource for tasks like creating a basic shop banner or avatar. Now you can change your shop banner with the season, holiday or your mood!

Play around and check out all the fun themes they offer. Right now they have some great ones for Halloween.


Terms of use:  You may modify and use these banner backgrounds on your Etsy shop or other website for a shop banner/header. However,  do not share, resell or use them as freebies. Direct people to my website to download these free banner backgrounds!


Download Banner Backgrounds Here



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