Scrapbook Flowers – Photoshop Dodge and Burn Technique

image of scrapbook elements created during Designer Class

Click image above to download freebie scrapbook elements


Using Photoshop’s Dodge and Burn tools…

Lesson 21 of Designer Class at Hummie’s World was about how to use Photoshop’s dodge and burn tools to create more realistic scrapbook elements. Playing with Illustrator CS 5.5, I made a simple vector flower. Brought this image into Photoshop.  Added color, texture and applied the dodge / burn technique learned in class.

Using the dodge and burn tools requires you to think about light and shadow. It also requires practice…practice…practice to get it right! LOL

Also, extracted a real flower from a photo and dodged/burned it for practice as well. (photo credit: me)

Download contents:

pngs of finished flower elements

png of vector flower

Photoshop .csh file (custom shape file)

If you don’t know how to install and load Photoshop custom shapes:

Installing and Using Photoshop Custom Shapes (great tutorial from Obsidian Dawn)


Join me at designer class at Hummie’s World for more information about Photoshop’s dodge and burn technique. It’s really nice to get real feedback on your scrapbook designs!

Good information about using dodge and burn techniques in Photoshop can also be found here too. (

You might also enjoy freebie paper:  Dodge and Burn Scrapbook Paper

image of scrapbook paper created using Photoshop dodge and burn tools


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