Create Animated Blinkies in CS 5.5

animated image for pixel design


Making simple animated blinkies in Photoshop CS 5.5 is really fun.

The main thing to remember is create everything you want to “blink” on a separate layer. For this lesson at Hummie’s World, I decided to animate my website header.

I began by opening a new blank Photoshop file – making mine 610 x 99 pixels, 72 dpi (to create the large blinkie at the top).

Opened my .psd file blog header from a few months ago. Resized the layers to 610 x 99 pixels (72 dpi was already the resolution). Merged some of my design elements with the text (example: glossy “P” with “ixel” so they would be one layer to flash together as one unit). Was careful to preserve my original .psd header file in it’s original condition.

Brought over the merged design layers to my new blank file in this order:

Beige textured paper background

“Pixel” (copied that layer) -

“Design” (copied that layer)

“Resource” (copied that layer)

“Resources for Digital Scrapbooking and More”. (Copied that layer)

(Duplicating each of the layers would make the words “flash” individually and stand out more when animated).

Then select the amount of time for each layer “frame”.  To keep things simple, I used .5 seconds for each frame.

Don’t forget to to select “forever” from the drop down box to keep the blinkie going continually. (The default is to play it through one time.)


image for animated photoshop blinkie tutorial

Try playing through the animation a few times to see if you like what you’ve got so far. If you do save it as a .gif.

File > Save for Web and Devices > gif format

Post on your website or make a smaller version to use on forums that allow animated blinkies.


animated image - blinkie


This was a super fun lesson at Hummie’s World!

Enjoy making your own animated blinkies and I’d love to hear your comments.


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Wanna Rock Digital Scrapbook Design?

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Fun Online Digital Scrapbooking Community


If you wanna rock digital scrapbook design and get past the monkey-see-monkey-do stage with Photoshop.  Come join us at Hummie’s World. You’ll have a knowledgeable and patient teacher (Hummie) in your corner and digital scrapbooking resources to keep you busy for years.Hey, free internet tutorials are helpful but when you want to dig deeper into digital design and Photoshop; it’s sure helps to have an experienced teacher to ask questions and get feedback.

Shortly after starting this site, I enrolled in a scrapbook designer course at Hummie’s World.  Stumbled onto this fun online scrapbooking community and was amazed at the educational resources available for a low subscription rate of $5.50 each month.


After You Subscribe and Sign Up for a Class…

you’re placed in a credit thread and your progress is monitored. You earn icons after completing set goals. Through class forum threads; you’ll find assignments, videos and written tutorials. After uploading completed creations to the gallery, Hummie and her staff provide helpful feedback and encouragement. Your submissions are checked for overall quality (if requested) via your download links. Fellow students and community members provide additional encouragement and resource information. We help each other out!

I love that once you subscribe you have access to ALL class videos and lessons. Say you’ve signed up for the Design Class but are curious about Template Class...just click on the thread and you’ll have access to everything. (The Fun Extras class sure sounds tempting.)

Of course, you don’t have to subscribe to participate in many of the happenings at Hummie’s World. There are free sample lessons available, access to public forum threads, photo gallery upload/view, freebie Designer downloads and more.

I discover new cool resources every time I visit the site!

Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking Designing…

that’s the name of class I’m taking at Hummie’s World. Here’s a very brief summary of content from Set 1 lessons taken so far:

Here are the scrapbook brads created during Lesson 6 to share for personal use…5 brads, 300 dpi, png format

image of digital scrapbooking preview for freebie digital elements


I hope you enjoy using these brads in your personal design projects. As you can tell, I’ve incorporated information from many of the designer class lessons. I can honestly say the experience has been fun, challenging and addictive! I find it hard to stay away for very long!! That means I’ll have lots of other digital design goodies to share soon.

Please give me your opinion and I’d love to see what you create with them!




Make a Scrapbook Rosette and More!

Image of digital rosette for scrapbooking

Scrapbook Rosette

If you like making your own scrapbook elements (paper or digital) and are always looking for fun tutorials…head over to Papers and Pixels magazine. Their free July 2011 issue has a great tutorial on making paper or digital rosettes.

What an amazing variety of fun and informative goodies for paper and digital crafters!

Sample of the July 2011 edition contents:

  • Creating paper and digital rosettes (Photoshop Elements scrapbook tutorial)
  • Paper and digital pinwheels (Photoshop scrapbook tutorial)
  • Digital designer of the month interview & interviews with other designers
  • A special freebie from the designer of the month (free scrapbook kit with 8 papers and 12 elements)
  • Fold-over paper medallion
  • Create your own paper watermelon basket
  • Hot Air Balloon embellishment tutorials (Photoshop and Photoshop Elements scrapbook tutorial)
  • Crafting Paper Cards
  • Digital French Memo Board tutorial (Photoshop tutorial for creating and using element in your scrapbook pages)
  • Sketch Template Challenge and free scrapbook template
  • Monthly Scrapbook Challenge
  • How to use Paint Shop Pro Scripts
  • And more!!

Register to download 12 free back editions (September 2010 through August 2011). Go to the Forum . You’ll see a welcome message at the top. Click to get registered. After you’ve registered, log back in and you’ll see a link for Paper and Pixels Magazines - Back Editions. Click on that link to access and download each back edition containing lots of freebies and goodies.

After September 2011, magazine downloads are by subscription only. The subscription rate is $12/year or $1.50 an issue. Download some of the older issues and see what you think. Seems like a pretty amazing value to me for all you get!

If you’re new to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, consider taking a Photoshop fundamentals class. You’ll find information in the website forum section: look for FUNdamentals class taught by some extremely patient and knowledgeable teachers.

I did that when I first started working with Photoshop and consider it was money well spent.

Download my free scrapbook rosettes if your rather not create your own.

(click thumbnail image to download)

preview image of digital scrapbook rosettes

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