Scrapbook Kit Name and Color Palette

Hummie’s World Design Class assignments (continued) 

For this designer class assignment the word sojourn came to mind first as a possible scrapbook kit name.

 “It is a comman saying, and in everybody’s mouth, that life is but a sojourn.” 


Now to describe our  imaginary sojourn…the word blissful popped into my head for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t want a joyful journey?  I also thought Desert Sojourn would make a nice kit name.

For part 2 of the lesson…selecting a color palette –

In this post, I wrote about how wonderful the website is for color inspiration. Creating and downloading color swatches for design projects is easy and fun!

Naturally, I headed there for this part of the class assignment.

I love these these earth tones.They remind me of the desert southwest.

What do you think….do you like the kit name and color palette?


image of color palette for scrapbook kit


Free Seamless Repeat Patterns

An excellent resource for high quality seamless repeat patterns offers many free seamless repeat patterns in vector AND pixel format. They are available in a JPG format, dimensions 400 x 400 pixels and may be installed in Photoshop by defining the jpg as pattern. The author is a graphic designer from Germany working as a pattern surface designer creating things like wallpapers, gift wrap, stationery and greeting cards.

Terms of use appear to be very generous. To be on the safe side, contact the designer before using a pattern download for any commercial purpose including web freebies.

Here are a few of the wonderful free seamless repeat patterns available:

Japanese inspired…

image of seamless pattern from

Copyright © Patterrific

abstract and modern…

Image of seamless Photoshop pattern

and one of my favorites…colorful mosaic flowers. Image of Photoshop seamless pattern - mosaic flowers

These are only a few of the beautiful and high quality seamless patterns available. Be sure to explore the other resources available — videos, links and pattern related books too.

What’s your favorite resource for quality seamless patterns?


Simple Painterly Effect Using Filters

image of photo for blog about Photoshop filters  tutorial

Simple Painterly Effect Using Photoshop Filters (after filter effects)


Playing with Photoshop’s filters is so much fun and you can create some really interesting effects in your images!

If you’ve never played around with the artistic filters in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, what are you waiting for?

To create this cool yet simple painterly effect using standard Photoshop filters begin with an online video tutorial from Gavin Hoey at entitled “Super Quick Painterly Effect in Photoshop”

At the beginning of the video Gavin says the photo he’s using is 8 bits per channel and the image size is around 3,000 – 4,000 pixels. Unfortunately, images from my older model digital point-and-shot camera aren’t high-res enough to easily follow along and get similar results. To keep things simple, I’m using a beautiful stock image from  –

Go there when you need free high-resolution stock photographs for blogs, newsletters and design projects.

Do be respectful of their Terms of Use policy. (Terms of Use: you are allowed to copy, distribute and adapt images. You are Not allowed to use images in a stand-alone manner or sell them.)

If you do download an image from these generous folks, please take time to say thanks and leave some love!!

Here’s the before image….
image of bright colorful mexican balcony_no filter effect

Image of Bright Colorful Mexican Balcony (before filter effects)

To see the beautiful high resolution original image …be sure to check out (link mentioned above).
Hope you found this information helpful and have fun experimenting with Photoshop filters!

Need Color Inspiration for Your Next Project?

image of kuler website create theme by color


Creating Color Themes using Kuhler

If you’re looking for color inspiration for your next design project, check out Kuhler. is a free online application allowing anyone to discover, create and share color themes (aka swatches). Create and share your own or get inspiration from themes created by others.

Tip: If you plan to save your color theme, you’ll need to register for a free Adobe ID. If you already have an Adobe ID, just sign in using your current account information.

To get started click Create > From a Color.

Your options are to:

  • Change the colors by moving the color markers around the color wheel.
  • Select a different color rule.
  • Select the Custom rule and use the wheel or sliders located at the bottom of the screen to adjust colors.

Color Wheel’s Rules:

Analogous – matches colors with adjacent hues.

Monochromatic – focuses on one color with varied intensity and lightness in a single hue.

Triad – spaces your color in a triangle around the wheel for a contrasting theme.

Complimentary – oppose two colors on the wheel for a simple theme based on two hues.

Compound – combine interesting colors from multiple hues.

Shades – create supple variations of the base color’s hues.

Custom – drag individual colors around the wheel with complete freedom. Clicking this rule unlinks the color markers so they can be moved independently.

After you choose how you want your colors to relate by selecting a rule, you’ll need to pick a base color. The base color is the color you want to build your theme around. Then play around by moving the color markers to see how your theme changes. The slider bar under the color wheel controls the color brightness.


Creating Themes from an Image

Click on Create > From an Image > a default photo and color theme appear to get you started.


image of kuler website create by image


Click and drag on each of the circular markers on the image to alter the color theme. You can also upload one of your own images or browse for a Flickr photo.

Click Select a Mood to explore by color atmosphere:

Colorful > Bright > Muted > Deep > Dark > Custom 


Themes Created by the Online Community

Themes can be private or shared publicly with the online community too. Search for Themes by tag words, title, creator, or hex color. Using tags (descriptive keywords) allows others to search, comment on and rate your themes easily.

Quickly bring up a group of shared swatches by choosing Most Popular, Highest Rated or Random.


After signing in with your Adobe ID, you’ll see three icons allowing you to add a selected theme to Favorites/delete theme from Favorites, download the theme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange or make changes and view color values.

Selected themes can be downloaded as a JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP file.


image of adobe kuler home page for post


Under the Mykuler  section you’ll find –

Themes > click here to find themes you created and saved.

Favorites >  if you’ve saved themes created by others as your favorites, click here to find them.


Loading Downloaded Themes

In Photoshop CS2 and CS3, make your Swatches palette window visible (Window > Swatches) click on the arrow button located at the upper right of the panel to reveal the pop-up menu. Click Load Swatches and go to the .ase file downloaded on your desktop. Open the .ase file and your colors will appear in the Swatches palette.

For Photoshop CS4 and 5, choose Window > Extensions > Kuler to find the Kuler panels.


I’ve touched on some of the main highlights at Kuler. Hope you’ll go explore this great free resource when you need a bit of color inspiration for your next project.






Make a Scrapbook Rosette and More!

Image of digital rosette for scrapbooking

Scrapbook Rosette

If you like making your own scrapbook elements (paper or digital) and are always looking for fun tutorials…head over to Papers and Pixels magazine. Their free July 2011 issue has a great tutorial on making paper or digital rosettes.

What an amazing variety of fun and informative goodies for paper and digital crafters!

Sample of the July 2011 edition contents:

  • Creating paper and digital rosettes (Photoshop Elements scrapbook tutorial)
  • Paper and digital pinwheels (Photoshop scrapbook tutorial)
  • Digital designer of the month interview & interviews with other designers
  • A special freebie from the designer of the month (free scrapbook kit with 8 papers and 12 elements)
  • Fold-over paper medallion
  • Create your own paper watermelon basket
  • Hot Air Balloon embellishment tutorials (Photoshop and Photoshop Elements scrapbook tutorial)
  • Crafting Paper Cards
  • Digital French Memo Board tutorial (Photoshop tutorial for creating and using element in your scrapbook pages)
  • Sketch Template Challenge and free scrapbook template
  • Monthly Scrapbook Challenge
  • How to use Paint Shop Pro Scripts
  • And more!!

Register to download 12 free back editions (September 2010 through August 2011). Go to the Forum . You’ll see a welcome message at the top. Click to get registered. After you’ve registered, log back in and you’ll see a link for Paper and Pixels Magazines Back Editions. Click on that link to access and download each back edition containing lots of freebies and goodies.

After September 2011, magazine downloads are by subscription only. The subscription rate is $12/year or $1.50 an issue. Download some of the older issues and see what you think. Seems like a pretty amazing value to me for all you get!

If you’re new to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, consider taking a Photoshop fundamentals class. You’ll find information in the website forum section: look for FUNdamentals class taught by some extremely patient and knowledgeable teachers.

I did that when I first started working with Photoshop and consider it was money well spent.

Download my free scrapbook rosettes if your rather not create your own.

(click thumbnail image to download)

preview image of digital scrapbook rosettes

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