Grateful Table Scrapbook Linkup

Grateful Table Mini Kit

Grateful Table Mini Kit

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Update:  After posting I noticed something “off” with two of the papers and uploaded a revised Mini-Kit Freebie download here:

That’s what happens when you get in a hurry and don’t QC everything properly!  I am leaving the download link below in order not to break the connection to the DigiHop linkup party.

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Mini kit Download Freebie (please use the revised link ABOVE to get my contribution to the linkup party)


If you like the floral wreath used to make the mini kit tag element, you’ll find it and many others in my Etsy shop here.  They are high resolution pngs and the colors can easily be altered using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. You can even use a free online software program like PicMonkey to change the colors. A hue and saturation adjustment layer does the trick. Just play with the sliders until you get some colors you really like.



floral wedding clipart





A Trip to Marana & a Facebook Goodie

Blog Post Alert :-)

After a little over 4 years of restoration work my sweetie got his 1946 Ercoupe flying. It has been a journey full of his blood, sweat and a lot of swearing!  He’s restored other aircraft before but this one was a true “basket case” needing a complete makeover!

Before –

(two Ercoupe’s that previously resided in a barn for many years. Dubbed them “the twins”.)

After –


After several hours of local flying, it was time to take the baby on it’s maiden flight. Friends suggested Marana, AZ as a great place to get breakfast and a short hop from our home airport. We had a great time! The food was very good, coffee outstanding and everyone we met very friendly. We definitely recommend Marana as an airport we’ll return to again.


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12 x 12 inches, 300 dpi,  jpg


digital scrapbook paper

digital scrapbook paper


  These freebies will expire as I add new ones so come by and grab yours while you can.


Soft Pastel Patterned Papers

image of scrapbook papers


I was in the mood to make some scrap book papers today.

These papers would be a great choice for baby layouts or other projects needing a “soft” pastel touch!

I created two versions:  untextured (add your own favorite texture) or textured.


300 dpi high resolution jpg and 12 x 12 inch size paper (6 papers)


To download the untextured files:

Download Link


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(Sorry, download for textured papers has expired.)

Don’t be sad, it’s been replaced by another awesome freebie!

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Using the Fiber Filter to Create Texture

image for paper created using Photoshop filters

Create wonderful texture for scrapbook papers with Photoshop’s fiber filter.


Start with foreground/background colors set to default for your first layer

filter > render clouds

(The fiber filter must have something on the layer before it is applied.)

Now apply the fiber filter

filter > render > fibers

Try a variance of 37 and a strength of 37

Create a new layer and fill it with color.

filter > render > fibers (variance of 7 and strength of 8. Try clicking the randomize button.)

Run through the blend modes – try hard light and reduce the opacity > merge the two layers.

Now you have a texture layer that can be used with other scrapbook papers to create depth.

Further exploration…

The fun is only starting!  Get out your grunge brushes and add another layer.  Continue adding more texture, gradient, and/or pattern layers. Don’t forget to try different blend modes out on each layer. Keep going until you get something you really like.

I hope this information gives you some ideas for creating texture layers for your papers. More detailed information and videos can be found at Hummie’s World. See you in Designer Class!

(To here to download the two free digital papers above.)


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image of free glossy overlay scrapbook elements

Glossy overlay scrapbook elements


Scrapbook Paper with a Metal Look

image of scrapbook paper with a metal appearance created using Photoshop filters

closeup image of second free brushed metal scrapbook paper

A closer look at the second paper with additional layers


Click to download free brushed metal look scrapbook paper.


Two brushed metal scrapbook papers created for Design Class at Hummie’s world.

12 x 12

300 dpi

high quality jpg format

I really had a hard time getting my design mojo started for this lesson. Having just returned from visiting both Bryce and Arches National Park…paper that looked like brushed metal didn’t inspire me.

However, once I started playing with the noise and blur filters in Photoshop and adding additional layers to the “brushed metal” layers; I enjoyed the lesson and learned quite a bit.

The first paper (smaller one in preview) is a plain brushed metal paper. It’s nice for creating brushed metal text and elements for your scrapbook papers.

For the second paper, texture layers were added giving it more of a fabric appearance.

I really like how they turned out and hope you do too!




Make Embossed Scrapbook Papers

image of three embossed scrapbook papers


Click to download these free embossed scrapbook papers!

(Don’t miss the bonus freebie download at the end of this post)


Enlarged Image of embossed scrapbook paper


A closer look at the embossing on these scrapbook papers created using  Photoshop CS 5.5



If you’d like to try creating your own embossed papers –


Create a new file 12 x 12 inches/300 dpi (or whatever your desired size might be) and turn on rulers and guides.

Select a vector embellishment image to use for embossing. Resize as needed. Edit > Transform > Scale

Position the vector embellishment and duplicate it  as many times as desired. (Your guides are helpful for this step if you want to maintain a straight line.)

Merge vector images together.

Duplicate the layer and position at the bottom of the layer using your guides.

Merge the top and bottom layers until you have one layer containing all.

Name this layer “embellishments” or whatever.


Also save this layer as a separate .psd file named “emboss texture” (or whatever). Save it to your desktop for now.


Create a new layer and fill it with a solid color.

Name this layer “embossed paper” (it’s not embossed yet but it will be!)


Now to create the embossed look:

Select Filter > Texture > Texturizer > load the “emboss texture” file you created.

I used these setting for my “texture”

scaling= 100%

relief=  3

light = top left

Note: I checked the invert box but that depends on texture. Play with settings and see what looks best to you.


Click Ok and Photoshop applies the file as a texture to your paper. Looks pretty good but let’s give it a richer look!


Command or control click on the embellishment layer to get the marching ants.

Click back on the “embossed paper” layer to activate layer

Now go to your dodge tool,

range = midtones

exposure = 36% or so

size your brush as needed and brush across the embossed area several times. I used a soft grunge brush.

Play with the range, exposure, dodge and burn tools until you’re happy


To create the Lacy looking paper:

Create new layer/layers for brush stokes of different size and opacity.

I used my lizard grunge brushes for these papers.


To create different paper colors I used several adjustment layers:

Hue and saturation

Color balance


Just play until you’ve got something you really like.

Save papers as high quality .jpg files.


TIP:  Be sure to eliminate guides before saving or they’ll show up in your final .jpg files. A valuable lesson learned during designer class at Hummie’s World.


You should be able to use Photoshop Elements to create embossed papers using this procedure too.


Let me know if you have any questions.

I know this isn’t a super detailed tutorial and a beginner would find the instructions confusing.


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 Free pink embossed paper

(click  to download)

An extra goodie for visiting my site directly !!

image of pink embossed scrapbook paper - free bonus

Bonus pink embossed scrapbook paper






Crumpled Scrapbook Paper

image of crumpled distressed paper for scrapbooking

 Click to download


Crumpled and Aged Scrapbook Paper


Designer Lesson 24 at Hummie’s

12 x 12  inch, 300 dpi – jpg format

scanned crumpled paper image included

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Free Burst Scrapbook Paper

Burst scrapbook paper - designer class lesson 22

Click image to download these free burst scrapbook papers


Striped PJ Paper

image of striped pj scrapbook paper made in Photoshop

click image to download 


These striped papers look like the fabric used to make pajamas!

300 dpi – jpg – 12 x 12 inches (3600 dpi)

here’s a closer look at the textures:

image closeup of scrapbook paper - 3 pj papers

Hope you enjoy using these p.j. papers and don’t forget to leave a comment on this post…get some CommentLuv for your blog or website.



Reptile Image to Create Large Grunge Brushes

image of free scrapbook paper and brushes created from reptile image

Click image to download

2 large Photoshop grunge brushes and one paper

Brush size: 2500 px

paper: 12 x 12, 300 dpi

Photo credit: Kyle Chavis, Nov. 24, 2011

Kyle’s an interesting person…in addition to being my brother-in-law and an all around great  guy. He’s been involved in amateur radio (aka ham radio) as a hobby since 1976 . He travels to some pretty cool destinations to participate in ham radio contests. During these contests, group members try to contact people around the globe using their ham radio equipment.

As you can tell, he’s also a really good photographer. The reptile photo was taken on a recent radio contesting trip to Bonaire, an island in the Netherland Antilles. Seems they were abundant on the island.

The upper left hand corner image highlights the portion selected to create these brushes. For quality reasons it’s important to create as large a brush as your software permits. So, these were created at 2500 px using Photoshop CS 2.

If you’re wondering how to create your own high quality brushes check out my post about designer classes at Hummie’s World.

There are also links to several brush tutorials on my Design Resources Page.

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