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Beautiful Royalty Free Commercial Use Fonts Rock!

Of late I’ve really been focusing on one of my first loves – typography and pretty fonts. I’ve had my eye on several different books on the subject. Santa was kind enough to bring:   “Scripts” Elegant Lettering From Design’s Golden Age” by Steve Heller and Louise Fili and “Elegantissima” - The Design & Typography of Louise […]

image of scrapbook papers

Soft Pastel Patterned Papers

  I was in the mood to make some scrap book papers today. These papers would be a great choice for baby layouts or other projects needing a “soft” pastel touch! I created two versions:  untextured (add your own favorite texture) or paper textured.   300 dpi high resolution jpg and 12 x 12 inch […]


Etsy Shop Banner Freebies and Picmonkey.com Tutorial

Wanna have a nice banner for your Etsy shop and not spend a penny? Download my free shop banner backgrounds. Ready for text and sized to upload:  76 x 100 pixels – 72 dpi)   Open the downloaded banner background in Photoshop and create a new layer for text Select the type tool Select a […]

image for tutorial on vectors vs raster images

Life Happens…So Does Illustrator

So it’s been a while since I blogged. Life happens… You move. Get a new job. Have a loved one pass away. All within just a few months. Really takes it out of you. I’ve been active during my break from blogging and continued to design. My new job (which I love) requires daily use of Illustrator, […]

image of brenthaven travel case with flawed zipper

Great Looking Protective Laptop Bag

Brenthaven Prostyle III-XF Shoulder Case     Most of us consider our computers and other electronic gear to be very precious possessions. We stress at the thought of anything happening to them. Portable computers and tablets are constantly exposed to potential damage. Especially, when owned by a business traveler like my husband: The Road Warrior. […]

image of free digital staples for scrapbooking

Making Sassy Digital Staples

Two Styles of Colorful Staples    7 staples with and without staple holes 1 set of separate custom drop shadow staple holes 300 dpi,  png format Lesson 13 was all about making staples for scrapbooking. Lot’s of fun and a great learning experience! Notice the staple in the upper left is a little different than the […]


Designer Name and Logo

  Lesson 1 – Pick a Designer Name and Logo   This first class sets the tone for all the lessons at Hummie’s World…have fun and be creative. Work through the lessons seriously and you’ll steadily grow in your knowledge of Photoshop and scrapbook design! The name I picked is By the Desert Design. Since I live […]

image of digital scotch tape for scrapbook embellishment

CU Friendly Digital Tape

  To download my free commercial use digital tape click here   If you’re wondering about the preview photo, it’s of my new hiking boots taken right after our Bryce Canyon National Park trip. They are the most comfortable hiking boots I’ve ever worn! Plus, they are pretty stylish…for hiking boots. I created the green patterned […]

image of free scrapbook resource - scallops edges download

CU Friendly Scalloped Edges

  Download is here   More fun scrapbook templates to play with!    Two edge templates and two scallop to enhance your scrapbook pages.   Commercial use of these templates is ok – please see my terms of use. Be creative and make something fun! Some examples using these templates: A plaid scrapbook mat (note that […]

image for tutorial on embossed wooden elements

Too Cool Engraved Wooden Elements

  Elements created during Design Class lessons at Hummie’s World) Some thoughts from this lesson: One size does not fit all when it comes to layer styles! Play around with layer styles and alter the settings to fit the image. Use a good high quality texture image to get a good high quality element. (Keep […]

image of Ancient tree at Bryce Canyon National Park

Tent Camping Comfortably: Mission Possible?

Fair warning to my digiscrap goodie subscribers, what follows is a blog post about tent camping in comfort and Bryce Canyon National Park. No worries, I’ll be back with more free goodies very soon.   We finally made it back to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Only a three hour drive from home. Hadn’t […]

BTD-grungy slide

Old Fashioned Retro Slides

  Slides…do you remember when slides were an alternative to photos. Yep, me too. When I was in school, many presentations used slide images loaded onto a carousel and projected onto a portable screen or wall. Family vacation shots were often slide presentations that felt like they went on forever..especially to a kid that just […]

image of digital scrapbook element - chains

Free Silver Chains

  This week’s lesson was about how to make digital chains in Photoshop.  I made a simple straight one and played with the puppet warp tool to create the second one. A great lesson! One I’ll come back to again as I continue to improve my custom drop shadow and dodge and burn techniques. Hope […]

preview image of download for Word Art and Element

Inked Elements Technique

  It’s interesting where and how our design inspiration takes shape. For some reason that lovely song “I Hope You Dance” was playing in my head as I began working on Lesson 39  (Inked Edges technique for scrapbook elements). The song inspired me to create these scrapbook Word Art elements I’m sharing with you today. […]

image of grungy corkboard for scrapbooking

Fun Grungy Corkboard

I hope you enjoy my free corkboard textures made using several filters in Photoshop CS 5.5. 12 x 12 300 dpi jpg format There are two versions in the download: one grunged out corkboard & one a darker – non grunge corkboard (Tag in preview not included in download) My fav is definitely the grunged […]

image of free scrapbook alpha dubbed jeweled alpha

Jeweled Alpha Plus Add-on

Click here to download free jeweled alpha created for scrapbook alpha lesson during  Designer Class at Hummie’s World. Click here to download the alpha add-on (number, brackets & explanation point)   Thanks for visiting and remember to subscribe if you’d like to receive updates and free digiscrap goodies!

image for paper created using Photoshop filters

Using the Fiber Filter to Create Texture

Create wonderful texture for scrapbook papers with Photoshop’s fiber filter.   Start with foreground/background colors set to default for your first layer filter > render clouds (The fiber filter must have something on the layer before it is applied.) Now apply the fiber filter filter > render > fibers Try a variance of 37 and […]


Three Curved Templates

Click to download three free curves templates for scrapbooking jpg 12 x 12 inch image You can use these templates with scrapbook papers to cut (clip) the paper into the curvy shape of the template. I’m working hard on lessons and have started a new kit. I’ll continue to get the freebies created during designer […]

closeup image of second free brushed metal scrapbook paper

Scrapbook Paper with a Metal Look

  Click to download free brushed metal look scrapbook paper.   Two brushed metal scrapbook papers created for Design Class at Hummie’s world. 12 x 12 300 dpi high quality jpg format I really had a hard time getting my design mojo started for this lesson. Having just returned from visiting both Bryce and Arches […]

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